International Cultural Exchange

ViVaVostok - Children’s and Youth Literature from Central and Eastern Europe

A program by the Robert Bosch Stiftung in cooperation with Internationale Jugendbibliothek

In the German-speaking region of Europe, not much is known about contemporary children’s and youth literature from Central and Eastern European countries. Yet there is much out there just waiting to be discovered - including outstanding illustrations, wonderful children’s books, powerful graphic novels, original children’s songs, profound and absurd humor, enlightening social criticism, and unusual youth topics.

"ViVaVostok" opens the door for the best and most exciting authors of children’s and youth literature from Central and Eastern European countries to present their works in the German-speaking region. The goal of the project is to offer innovative event organizers support and funding when they present literature from Central and Eastern Europe to their audiences. "ViVaVostok" invites young readers to immerse themselves in foreign worlds, meet foreign-language authors and illustrators in person, and feel the magic of inventive and imaginative literature. Last but not least, another goal is for the events to get the ball rolling on publishing the works in German.


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