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Global Collaboration Platform for Young Social Innovators
ChangemakerXchange stands for an international exchange between young people who are working on innovative solutions for social, environmental, or societal problems in their immediate surroundings.
During five-day interexchange meetings, the participants deepen their knowledge and further develop their initiatives and business models. They network, receive new incentives through the dialog with other participants and start new projects together. Particularly innovative project ideas receive financial and nonmaterial support following the summit. This program is open to social innovators between 18 and 30 years from Africa, Asia and Europe.

Since 2012, 350 changemakers from 70 different countries have participated. Overall, 60 cooperation project have been accomplished successfully and reached more than 100,000 people with them. With an additional number of eight summits in 2017, the Changemaker network and its impact continues to grow.

ChangemakerXchange is co-created by Ashoka and the Robert Bosch Foundation.


Where everything started: Since the program’s launch in 2012, four summits take place annually in Europa and the MENA-region. After Istanbul, Berlin, Marrakesh, Palermo and Lisbon, we are looking for new summit locations.


As of 2016, ChangemakerXchange takes also place in Asia. The Changemaker community continues to expand after summits in Hiroshima, Singapore and Manila and is expected to grow and develop in the years to come.


The first summits in 2017 took place in Nairobi and Dakar. Young innovators from the public and private sector came together. Based on the many inquiries afterwards, the program will offer two additional summits annually and will support alumni in organizing many small summits themselves.

More Information

Learn more about ChangemakerXchange, current events, and the Changemaker's projects:

Impressions of the Projects

Nude Food

Three years ago, Milena Glimbowski founded a packaging-free grocery shop. When the project started to test her limits, the "Changemaker" exchange with other social entrepreneurs gave her new energy. Her idea has long since inspired many imitators.

Success with Social Ideas

They want to make a difference in their immediate surroundings, they help refugees to integrate, organize dance workshops, and support waste reduction. The Changemakers have many ideas. During the meeting in Berlin and Paretz, they shared their experience and developped international collaboration projects.


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