Change your Viewpoint!

Change your Viewpoint!

Young researchers develop new ideas for a long and self-dependent life

Young people like to be independent and to shape their own lives. And the elderly? Is this a question that you have ever thought about? It’s time to you change your viewpoint! The majority of today’s 30-year-olds will grow older than 95 years and a newborn has good chances to celebrate his or her 100th birthday. And like young people, the elderly want to be independent and shape their own lives too. Thus, our society of longevity requires new thinking. In what kind of environment will we be able to enjoy our longer lives? Modifying one’s home to be able to age in place, however, is only one aspect of the challenge. As an ageing society, above all, we have to take a closer look at the space where public life takes place. Do our cities, public buildings and transportation systems support a long and self-dependent life?

To answer this question, we are more dependent than ever on excellent research on age-appropriate public living environments. This is why the Robert Bosch Stiftung is encouraging postdoctoral researchers in Germany from various disciplines to change their viewpoint and focus their research on age-appropriated public living environments. We address applicants from the following disciplines: city and regional planning, architecture, electrical engineering, information technology, nursing science, industrial design, sports science, kinesiology, psychology as well as social sciences. We are open for applicants from other disciplines as long as your profile is suitable for the program.

The fellowship allows you to finance a research visit (from three months up to two years) at a renowned research institution abroad. It includes costs of living as well as a limited allowance for research related expenses. You may carry out a clearly defined research project on age-appropriate public living environments, get acquainted with new scientific research methods in this field and broaden the perspective of your discipline.


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