Adelbert von Chamisso Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung

Akos Doma

Adelbert-von-Chamisso-Promotional Prize 2012

Born in Budapest in 1963, Doma grew up in Hungary, Italy, and England, and came to Germany when he was 14 years old. His debut novel “Der Müßiggänger” was released in 2001, in 2010 he followed it up with “Die allgemeine Tauglichkeit.” Akos Doma is an author and translator. He lives with his family in Eichstätt, Germany. According to the jury, with his latest novel he “has created a linguistically clever and extremely funny crime caper. It is a subtle parable on the numerous unreasonable demands of our society. His style of storytelling is reminiscent of a European picaresque novel. The fast-paced and moving melodrama is an unusually entertaining literary adventure about four outsiders who head down close to every wrong path possible on their quest for a new identity with which they can live. His novel impressively demonstrates that the renowned translator of Hungarian texts is also an outstanding German author.”



Der Weg der Wünsche.
Roman. Rowohlt Berlin Verlag, Berlin 2016

Die allgemeine Tauglichkeit.
Novel. Rotbuch Verlag,Berlin 2011

Der Müßiggänger.
Novel. Rotbuch Verlag, Berlin 2001