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150 People Honored for their Commitment to Social Causes

  • Launch of the online campaign for Robert Bosch’s 150th birthday
  • Participants filming their own projects for 150 days
  • "Our society thrives thanks to people who take responsibility for others. We want to make this commitment clearly visible," says Dieter Berg, Chairman of the Robert Bosch Stiftung's Board of Management.

Berlin, April 27, 2011 - An unparalleled online project has begun in Berlin. Starting today, 150 committed citizens from all over Germany are following their charitable initiatives with a video camera and presenting their work on the Internet. They are all participating in the "Responsible Citizens" project, which the Robert Bosch Stiftung created on the occasion of Robert Bosch's 150th birthday. All of these people do something special for others, create initiatives, develop ideas, sacrifice their time and money, and get other people involved in their cause.

"Our society thrives thanks to people who take responsibility for others. It happens a million times a day in Germany, but is appreciated far too little. That's why we want to make this commitment to social causes more visible using these 150 dedicated citizens as good examples," says Dieter Berg, Chairman of the Robert Bosch Stiftung's Board of Management.

The Responsible Citizens are working on a wide variety of different projects in the foundation's focus areas of Education, International Relations, Science, Health, Society, and Culture. They support disadvantaged youths, help in the integration of immigrants, or care for patients with dementia. Most are small local initiatives; some of them - like the food banks - have also gained national importance and recognition.

"I hope that our videos motivate many more people to get involved or do something similar. That would be great. And I am really looking forward to speaking with all the other participants," said Ulrike Folkerts. The German actress, who plays a police officer on the popular series "Tatort," organizes creative vacations for children, and is one of the few celebrities among the Responsible Citizens. "Responsible Citizens" is the name of the Robert Bosch Stiftung campaign on the occasion of Robert Bosch’s 150th birthday.

"Robert Bosch wasn't only a successful businessman and socially responsible employer. Robert Bosch was involved in a number of different social causes. He demonstrated responsibility for education and democracy, donated portions of his charity, built a hospital, and campaigned for international understanding. The Responsible Citizens project clearly shows that commitment to social causes is just as important now as it was back then," says Dr. Ingrid Hamm, Executive Director of the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

The 150 participants in this anniversary project were preselected by a jury from a group of more than 260 nominated citizens. The ten-member jury included Professor Klaus-Dieter Lehmann (President of the Goethe Institute), Donata Freifrau Schenck zu Schweinsberg (Vice President of the German Red Cross), Eberhard Brandes (Executive Director of WWF Deutschland), and Hans-Ulrich Jörges (senior editor of Stern magazine).

The campaign will officially begin today, April 27, 2011, at 12 p.m. The Managing Board of the Robert Bosch Stiftung will press the launch button together with some of the project's participants and members of the jury, making the first videos from Responsible Citizens available on the campaign's website.

From this point on, everyone is invited to visit the website to meet and follow the Responsible Citizens. You can also contact the participants and discuss issues with them on a Facebook fan page (

The project will end after 150 days on September 23, 2011, which is the 150th birthday of Robert Bosch.

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