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Looking back at the anniversary year and our activities to mark the 150th birthday of Robert Bosch - Taking on responsibility!
Taking on responsibility!

Robert Bosch was one of the must successful German industrialists of the 20th century. But that’s not all. Robert Bosch was also someone who, as a citizen and benefactor, took up the social challenges of his era.

He took responsibility for his associates and was the first employer in Germany to introduce the eight-hour day. He supported educational opportunities for citizens, from adult education centers to specialized tuition for gifted students. He was also politically active in support of Franco-German reconciliation and against anti-Semitism. In his interest in environmentally sustainable agricultural methods, Bosch was again ahead of his time.

Bosch pursued wide and varied interests, but common to all of his activities was his sense of responsibility towards his environs and his times. In this, Robert Bosch was - and still is today - a worthy role model.

Taking on responsibility! Fittingly, this was the slogan adopted by the Robert Bosch Stiftung to celebrate the 150th birthday of Robert Bosch in 2011.

Activities in the anniversary year:
Responsible Citizens (Die Verantwortlichen)
The anniversary campaign. Just like Robert Bosch, countless people in Germany still take on responsibility in Germany today, driven by the desire to improve the world in which they live. They act to safeguard the environment, help children from socially deprived backgrounds, and campaign for greater tolerance in society.

In the anniversary year, the Robert Bosch Stiftung highlighted the work of a number of such representatives of civil society. From April 27, 2011, through September 23, 2011, Internet users were able to share the experiences of these “responsible citizens” for 150 days as they went about their exemplary work on behalf of society. By means of “BoschCams,” they recorded short videos introducing themselves and the projects that they are involved in.
Stepping Back in Time (Spurensuche)
A guided tour of Robert Bosch’s Stuttgart. In the anniversary year 2011, a sightseeing tour linked up the locations in which Robert Bosch lived and worked. Participants enjoyed a scenic tour of Stuttgart, during which actors presented stories, anecdotes, and useful information about the industrialist, citizen, and benefactor.

One of the stops was the Robert Bosch House, where Bosch lived with his family from 1910 and which is now the headquarters of the Robert Bosch Stiftung.
Audio Book
In conjunction with the company Bosch, the Foundation is releasing an audio book on the eventful life of Robert Bosch. It covers his professional career and his travels, as well as his influence as an industrialist and cosmopolitan. Important milestones in his life are used to illustrate how the industrialist and social visionary lived and thought.

The audio book "I would rather lose money than trust - Robert Bosch, pioneering and pragmatic, humanist and humanitarian" is available:
Robert Bosch interactive
A light-hearted look at the life and work of Robert Bosch and a virtual tour of his environs via giant touch screens, which were specially installed for visitors in Stuttgart and Berlin in honor of this anniversary.
Voluntary Work
To mark the anniversary year, associates of the Robert Bosch Stiftung were granted up to six days’ leave to carry out voluntary work. They visited retirement homes, hospitals or drop-in centers for homeless people to provide hands-on help.
September 23, 2011 - Groundbreaking for the first UWC in Germany
We celebrated the 150th birthday of Robert Bosch on September 23, 2011, marked by the groundbreaking for the first United World College (UWC) in Germany.

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Photos: Robert Bosch Stiftung/Björn Hänssler
Anniversary celebration: The Robert Bosch Stiftung celebrated the 150th birthday of Robert Bosch in Stuttgart
Shiny Red: The ceremony was held at the Alte Stuttgarter Reithalle
Memories: Stuttgart's mayor Wolfgang Schuster (left) handed over brasses that will indicate historical locations of Bosch's life in Stuttgart
Dieter Berg, chairman of the Foundation's board of management, welcomed some 450 guests, including some of the "responsible citizens"
Responsible Citizens - The birthday celebration marked also the culmination of the anniversary campaign for civic involvement in Germany
Represented the State Government Baden-Württemberg: Nils Schmid, deputy minister-president and minister of finance and economics
Performance of the Robert Bosch Red Bowler Company
Keynote speaker was Michael Naumann, editor-in-chief of the magazine Cicero
Ingrid Hamm (right), executive director of the Robert Bosch Stiftung, and presenter Tita von Hardenberg
Kurt Liedtke is chairman of the board of trustees of the Foundation
Directing the Bosch company today: Franz Fehrenbach, Robert Bosch GmbH
TV actress Ulrike Folkerts (right) at the birthday party
Grandson Christof Bosch toasted Robert Bosch's 150th birthday
Happy birthday!