Crossing Borders

Border Crossers' Publications

Artistic works often need local research in order to avoid stereotypes and achieve a high level in terms of content. Publishing houses and TV or radio stations can seldom support these essential preparatory activities. "Border Crossers" enables publications which would normally either not be realized or not be realized in such excellent quality.

From the research through to the final publication, a fair amount of time is required. The impressions, images, and stories that are gathered during the research trips are then sorted, processed, prepared, and finally shaped into the design of a book publication, documentary film, or radio coverage. Previous impressions and "reality" - i.e. surprising results, content, and data - are aligned and reworked in an artistic process. Publishing houses or TV and radio stations need to be found and external funding for the cost of the film production must be raised. New research trips are often necessary, in order to seek additional lighting conditions for a film, additional respondents, or to explore archives which were previously closed.

Here we present Border Crossers works/publications which have successfully gone through and completed this process.