The Media Initiative YOU HAVE THE POWER
Youth and Democracy

The Media Initiative YOU HAVE THE POWER

Young people are often only somewhat interested or completely uninterested in politics – a topic which usually seems abstract and not terribly transparent to them. With the YOU HAVE THE POWER initiative, we wanted to particularly reach the young people who are not addressed by conventional civic educational opportunities. Using innovative online campaigns and videos as well as creative formats and interviews with stars, we wanted to get young people excited about politics, promote volunteer work, and strengthen their understanding of complex political issues.
YOU HAVE THE POWER has been a media initiative to promote young people’s civic education developed by the UFA film and TV production company in cooperation with the Robert Bosch Stiftung. YOU HAVE THE POWER had been supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung until 15th of July 2015.

Now the initiative is called MESH COLLECTIVE. They still produce videos with claim to education and show them on YouTube. They also share their knowledge and experience from YOU HAVE THE POWER at conferences and workshops.




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