Crossing Borders

Nicol Ljubić:


Whenever he woke up in the morning, his head was always on her pillow. Can the love between two young people overcome guilt and trauma in the wake of the Balkan War?

Robert loves Ana, and Ana loves Robert. But something stands between them that Ana cannot discuss. Something happened back then, in the Yugoslav wars, when she was still a girl. An unresolved charge against her father that follows her, far away from her home, all the way to Berlin.

Serbian war criminal Zlatko Šimić is standing trial in The Hague. Robert sits in the viewing room and tries to picture the man that Ana talked about with such affection. How could this man be guilty of such an evil crime in which 42 people burned to an agonizing death? He, of all people, an English professor and a highly educated, esteemed Shakespeare enthusiast? Born in Germany, Robert never took an interest in his Croatian roots until he meets the Serbian student Ana one day. His love for her transports him to his family’s past and that of an entire people.

192 pages, hardcover
Hoffmann und Campe, Hamburg 2010
ISBN: 978-3-455-40116-5

About the author: Nicol Ljubić, born in Zagreb in 1971, grew up in Sweden, Greece, Russia, and Germany as the son of an aviation technician. Ljubić studied political science and works as a freelance journalist and author. He now resides in Berlin. Nicol Ljubić has received several awards for his reports, including the Theodor Wolff Award. Meeresstille is his second novel which received the Chamisso promotion prize und the Verdi Literature award in 2011.
Foto: Tamara Milosevic