Robert Bosch Junior Professorship 2016
Dr. Oliver Schenker holds the Robert Bosch Junior Professorship 2016. His research focuses on sustainable energy politics in developing countries.
Uljana Wolf
Adelbert von Chamisso Prize 2016. Uljana Wolf, born in 1979 in Berlin, lives and works as a poet and translator in Berlin and New York. She has received numerous prizes for her literary works and translations.
Esther Kinsky
Adelbert von Chamisso Prize 2016. Esther Kinsky, born in Engelskirchen in 1956, lives in Berlin and in Battonya in Hungary. She works as a writer and translator.
2016 Film Prize for New German-Arab Productions
The Film Prize for International Cooperation for young filmmakers from Germany and the Arab world was awarded at Berlinale Talents 2016.
"There are major threats to the survival of the European project"
Ivan Krastev, Head of the Centre for Liberal Strategies in Sofia, talks about trust, leadership, and the European Union. As he puts it, the European Project faces different threats. The politics of fear is one of these.
Grenzgänger China - Deutschland
We support authors and photographers who dare to take a look for themselves and want to collect firsthand information.
Yallah! Dedicated Young Muslims
We fund projects carried out by young Muslims and support creative ideas that show just how diverse "our Islam" is in Germany.
Richard von Weizsäcker Forum: Video Message from Fritz Stern
Historian Fritz Stern talking about Richard von Weizsäcker. Interview by Roger Cohen, columnist of the New York Times.
Award Ceremony of the 2015 German Senior Citizens' Awards
Highlights of the award ceremony in Berlin on November 24, 2015.
Going Abroad - Acting at Home
Why is it important for young people to go abroad? German Federal Foreign Minister Steinmeier discussed this question with those who know best: young people who have already participated in international exchange programs.