People in the Community Living with Dementia

People in the Community Living with Dementia

Dementia illnesses belong to the most frequently occurring diseases affecting old age. These illnesses pose an enormous challenge to our aging society. People with dementia not only require the assistance of their family and friends, but also from a social environment which, carried by esteem and respect, supports them and allows them to take part in social life. In the structuring of the social environment, the community's commitment and the mobilization of societal strengths is given high importance.

With the programm "People in the Community Living with Dementia", the Robert Bosch Stiftung supports local projects in Germany in which the subject of dementia is acted on and where societal activities which support and relieve people with dementia are initiated and implemented. For example projects that:
  • Support encounters between people with and without dementia
  • Support the daily practical and neighborly assistance and exchange
  • Allow the ill and their relatives to continue taking part in community life and prevent the retreat and subsequent isolation of the affected people and families
  • Give people with dementia a stronger "voice" and create access to their world
  • Strengthen and protect the civil rights of people with dementia

Projects are funded with up to € 15,000. By now 50 projects have been supported. More informations about the projects and the program are available on the webpage of Aktion Demenz e.V (see right column). The program is supported and organized by Aktion Demenz e.V. - Working Together for a Better Life with Dementia.

Contact at Aktion Demenz

Prof. Dr. Dr. Reimer Gronemeyer (Chairman)
Verena Rothe (Head of Office)
Karl-Glöckner-Straße 21E
35394 Gießen, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)641 9923 206

Contact at the Foundation

Brigitte Stähle
Phone: +49 (0)711 46084-53