Crossing Borders

Christa Frieda Vogel:

Begegnung mit Ursprung und Zeit

Georgia, this country on the border between orient and occident, impresses by its breathtaking beauty. Straddling the Black Sea and the Caucasian mountain range, its valleys and moun-tains, cities and villages along with their inhabitants exert their very own poetic spell on visitors – a spell that also captivated the photographer Christa Frieda Vogel from Berlin.
Her liaison with the people and landscapes of the Caucasus began with a chance visit and ended in a picture volume that expresses a great sensitivity for this country and its inhabitants. Christa Frieda Vogel depicts nature as though she were dealing with people, and in people’s faces she explores the uniqueness of lives wrought from an obdurate and remorseless nature, august and serious, full of awe and obedience. She foreswears colorful portraits and touristic glamor, creating a distance in her black-and-white photos between the people and nature depicted and the observer, by a type of abstraction that conveys the everyday life and mood of a region.
Christa Frieda Vogels photos are paired with literary texts by Georgian writers of different gen-erations, who open windows on their country for us.

Christa Frieda Vogel
Georgien. Begegnung mit Ursprung und Zeit
With introductory texts by Prof. Dr. Alexander Kartosia and Thomas Roth
Literary texts by: Lewan Beridse, Dr. Naira Gelaschwili, Nino Haratischwili, Giwi Margwelasch-wili, Aka Mortschiladse, Sasa Twaradse
30 x 30 cm
152 pages
Hardcover with jacket
App. 100 duotone pictures
ISBN: 978-3-89904-305-1
€ 49,90  € (A) 51,30  SFr 83,90
Book Cover
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