Crossing Borders

Alena Wagnerová:

"Helden der Hoffnung - die anderen Deutschen aus den Sudeten 1935-1989"

In the social-political debate about the expulsion and displacement of Germans from Czechoslovakia after 1945, one group has so far not been given credit: Sudeten Germans who resisted the NS regime. These are people who, with exemplary moral courage and against the majority of their ethnic compatriots, fought on the side of of the Czechs to rescue the last Central European democracy, and who, after the war, had to leave the country more or less voluntarily because they were Germans. To save the fate of these individuals from oblivion, Alena Wagnerová and her team led interviews with contemporary witnesses and compiled fifteen life stories in the book “Helden der Hoffnung“ (Heroes of Hope). The Robert Bosch Stiftung program “Border Crossers“ supported their work with the contemporary witnesses. It is the basis of the oral history section of the book, ”Documentation of the fates of Sudeten Germans who opposed the Nazis“, which was initiated by the Czech government in 2005.
Alena Wagnerová (ed.): Helden der Hoffnung - die anderen Deutschen aus den Sudeten 1935-1989. Berlin Aufbau Verlag 2008. 280 pages. 24.95 euros. ISBN 335102657-8; to be published end of July 2008.
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