Crossing Borders

Dunja Arnaszus:


Ieva from Lithuania is sent to work as a maid in a household in Schleswig-Holstein by her brother Ramunas, who is trying to get himself and his family out of the reach of disgruntled creditors following a share speculation calamity.
In Germany, Ieva meets her liberal-minded employer, Leysing, and his pragmatic wife, Katharina. Ieva attempts somewhat ineffectively to find out from afar what has become of her brother, who has disappeared, while at the same time trying out her half-baked experiments in Lithuanian cuisine on her hosts. Meanwhile, enthusiastic grandson Sven slips more and more into the role of the defender of the strong-willed Ieva, throwing all his budding masculinity into the task.
The two of them eventually end up travelling to Lithuania in Leysing's car.
There, the adventure turns into a post-socialist audio road movie, complete with Mafia shenanigans, blackcurrant liqueur and the fundamental question of how much nothing is really worth.

While researching her third radio play, the author travelled around Lithuania conducting interviews, recording sounds and discovering various types of "typically Lithuanian" music ranging from archaic sutartines to LT United. The transcripts of the translated interviews fed into the characters and the plot.
Director Ulrich Gerhardt thoughtfully and humorously wove the imported acoustic clichés into the fictitious framework of the radio play, thus creating his version of "Zeppelini," a charmingly bizarre story of a European encounter.

RBB/DLF 2008 // 54 mins.
First broadcast: RBB Kultur // Friday, June 27, 2008, 10.04 pm

At the Zonser Days of Radio Play 2009 „Zeppelini“ received the second award for the best regional radio play.