Crossing Borders

Lena Gorelik:

"Verliebt in St. Petersburg"

My journey took me to present-day Russia, a country that rose from the ashes of the former Soviet Union, my home country, so to speak, and yet a country so alien to me. I took the time to speak with many people, walk through the city and discover quarters that are not mentioned in any tourist guide, wrestle with the vagaries of everyday life in Russia (why, for instance, is there no warm water in the city during summer?) and refute my prejudices.
My experiences both in St. Petersburg and in the countryside - which almost felt like Siberia - were so varied that I simply had to set them down in writing straight away. This is how the book "Verliebt in Sankt Petersburg. Meine russische Reise" came about. It is a light-hearted attempt to overcome prejudices about Russians and Russia and encourage the reader to reflect. Travel writing can introduce the public to a different – and perhaps more diverse – Russia than the one we encounter in the German media.

Title: Verliebt in Sankt Petersburg
Publisher: SchirmerGraf Verlag
Price: €17.80
Pages: 168 pages
ISBN-10: 3865550541; ISBN-13: 978-3865550545

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