Academics in the classroom! The student Cordula Preiß and Dr. Monika Fritz-Scheuplein from the Lower Franconia Dialect Institute at the University of Würzburg (UDI) visiting an eighth grade class (8c) at the St. Ursula-Schule (St. Ursula School) in Würzburg.

Group work during the UDI school visit.

Cordula Preiß gives the students tips.

During the Fränki mini congress, students present their project results. Here, Louis Offner (left) and Michael Schneider at the mini congress on July 17, 2009 at the University of Würzburg.

Which dialect words are chosen by the people of Lower Franconia when they want to say they are “fussy about food”? Sonja Grams (left) and Vanessa Spegt, both in the eighth grade (8a) at Johannes-Butzbach-Gymnasium, Miltenberg, pictured in front of the results of their field research at the mini congress.

The jury is attentively following the students’ presentations. The members of the jury (from left to right): senior teacher Franz Josef Erb (teacher at Matthias-Grünewald-Gymnasium), district counselor Christine Bender (Lower Franconia district), Dr. Rainer Meisch (chair for didactics of German language and literature), Professor Norbert Richard Wolf. Not in view: Louise Baker-Schuster (Robert Bosch Stiftung).
Eighth grade student Kathrin Schmitt (8b) at Hermann-Staudinger-Gymnasium, Erlenbach, presenting the hypothesis that “Women speak more dialect than men.”

The audience at the mini congress: students, teachers, and academics.

Do students who go to a Grammar school have less of a dialect than those who go to a standard secondary school? The answer to this question was explored by eighth grade students Felix Rother and Jacqueline Bauer from the Hermann-Staudinger-Gymnasium, Erlenbach.

The jury deliberates, from left to right: Christine Bender, Dr. Rainer Meisch, Louise Baker-Schuster, Professor Norbert Richard Wolf, Franz Josef Erb.

Professor Norbert Richard Wolf presents the students with their well-deserved awards at the mini congress.

Participants of the mini congress.

"Fränki": School Students in Lower Franconia Investigate their Dialect

Coordinator: Dr. Monika Fritz-Scheuplein, Lower Franconian Dialect Institute, Wurzburg University

Within the framework of this project nearly 300 junior high school students from Lower Franconia investigate their local dialect and are thus taught about the methodologies and techniques used in conducting empirical linguistic research. Over the course of the school year the pupils, teachers, and academics work through six modules, each building on the last. At the start the academics
familiarize the participating teachers with the underlying methodology for researching dialects and work together with the teachers to draw up the teaching
units. The pupils are then given an introduction to the topics of dialects and dialect research and are set their own research project. During a day spent at the Lower Franconian Dialect Institute the pupils listen to a number of academic lectures, present the findings of their research, and analyze their own use of dialect together with fellow pupils. Next the pupils act as field researchers by collecting data on the use of the Lower Franconian dialect in their home towns and evaluate the data in class. Finally the pupils present their findings at a closing conference at which the class that gives the best presentation is awarded a prize, for instance a trip.

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