Integration and Migration and their Impact on Regional and Urban Development in the Greater Ingolstadt Region

Coordinator: Professor Dr. Rainer Greca, Institute of Sociology, Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
Contact: Dr. Sandra Siebenhueten

This project focuses on migration and integration. Senior grade pupils address this complex issue using concrete examples from their home region of Ingolstadt. In doing so, they familiarize themselves with the approaches and methods of sociology. The project takes the form of workshops and seminars offered by the participating scientists and students at the university. The pupils then use self-generated empirical studies to analyze the conditions faced by immigrants in their city and summarize their findings in scientific reports and presentations. Different aspects are addressed in each of the three years of the project. The pupils look at specific migration and integration processes in their firs year, e.g. comparing different generations to single out and contrast examples of successful and less successful integration. In the second year, they investigate the social and political effects of migration and how they are dealt with at the regional political level. In the third and final year, the pupils investigate the vocational training provided to immigrants and their integration in the labor market. This is done using surveys and by comparing the educational and professional careers of young people from German and immigrant backgrounds in Ingolstadt and the wider region.

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