Foundations within the Foundation

Foundations within the Foundation

The Otto und Edith Mühlschlegel Stiftung and Hans-Walz-Stiftung are dependent foundations within the Robert Bosch Stiftung. They focus on specific issues like the challenges of aging, and naturopathy. The DVA-Stiftung supports the foundation's activities in the field of German-French relations.


The DVA Foundation focuses on programs for promoting relations between Germany and France in the fields of cultural studies, literature, and theater, especially by translations.

Otto und Edith Mühlschlegel Stiftung

The foundation engages in activities related to old age and strategies for managing this phase of life positively. Every year, the Robert Bosch Stiftung awards the German Senior Citizens’ Awards.


The foundation supports projects in the field of naturopathy. The Institute for the History of Medicine (Institut für Geschichte der Medizin) awards Hans Walz scholarships for research residencies at the institute and a prize: the Hans-Walz-Förderpreis.