Research and Study Program on Geriatrics

Research and Study Program on Geriatrics - Forschungskolleg Geriatrie

In today’s ageing society, geriatric medicine plays an increasingly important role in health care. And yet, as a discipline, it is inadequately represented at German universities. Our Research and Study Program on Geriatrics supports young doctors seeking to become leading academics in this field. At the same time, we aim to help geriatric medicine become a firmly established discipline in research, clinical practice, and teaching.


The aim of the Research and Study Program is to train or provide further education for doctors aiming to assume academic leadership positions in geriatric medicine. The Research and Study Program supports these doctors for a period of four years, of which two are devoted to research for a personal project.
An application is no longer possible; no further selection phase takes place.

Interim reports

For all scholars from selection phase 2007: For preparing the interim report, download the "guidelines" for interim report from the link below. The guidelines are coordinated with the scientific advisory board.

Current projects

Can physical training also reduce falls among patients affected by dementia?
Elderly people with cognitive limitations are at particularly high risk of falls and consequent injury. Physical training can reduce the risk of falling and injuries among geriatric patients not affected by dementia, but it was assumed until now that training of this kind could not be carried out with dementia patients.