Palliative Care for Senior Citizens

Palliative Care Curriculum

Elderly people are still not receiving adequate palliative and end-of-life care at home and in residential facilities. Many professionals in this field lack the specialized knowledge required for accompanying the elderly through their final days. Palliative care is all too often still the sole preserve of specialists, while broad-based provision of such care in the environments where elderly people actually live and die is not yet established practice. Effective methods of palliative care have yet to be developed for the growing group of dementia patients, who currently account for over half the occupants of residential care facilities for the elderly.

Against this background, and in cooperation with renowned experts, the Robert Bosch Stiftung has now developed the interdisciplinary Palliative Care Curriculum. A key focus of this training course is palliative care for dementia sufferers. The course lasts only 40 hours to do justice to the general scarcity of time and funding in in-patient and residential care of the elderly. The Palliative Care Curriculum follows a storyline approach and promotes active and practice-related learning. It is designed for nursing professionals and physicians working in this field.

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