Initiative Going Abroad Makes a Difference
Initiative Going Abroad Makes a Difference

More Opportunities through International Mobility in Vocational Education

Apprentices and students from vocational schools are underrepresented in international exchanges. It is often more difficult for this target group to acquire international experience and to complete an internship or parts of their education abroad than it is for high school and university students, for example. Therefore, currently only 4 percent of German vocational school students spend a part of their professional training abroad (compared to 37 percent of German university students). Therefore, these young people miss out on a life experience which may influence their life positively in the long run in terms of strengthening their personality, broadening their horizon and allowing them to acquire intercultural competence.

With its support program "More Opportunities through International Mobility in Vocational Education" the Robert Bosch Foundation therefore supports selected initiatives and projects that give impetus to mobility in European vocational training extending beyond the trainees and institutions directly involved. Funding of up to €5,000 per project is available.

Unfortunately we cannot accept any more applications.

Contact and Advice on Behalf of the Foundation

Tanja Kreetz

Contact at the Foundation

Karin Karlsson
Phone +49 (0)711 460 84-540
Maria Vogt
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Eligible to apply are vocational education institutions in Germany (such as companies that take on trainees, vocational schools, and other educational institutions) that wish to implement a project on their own or in conjunction with one or more German and/or European partner institutions.

Funding of up to €5,000 per project is available.

Examples of suitable projects:
  • Lobbying and PR work designed to promote mobility within vocational education in Europe
  • Measures that build on existing mobility projects to significantly increase their quality and broaden their scope
  • Specialist forums on best practice that result in tangible output (e.g. tools and instruments, relevant papers, handbooks) designed to
    • Illustrate exemplary approaches in terms of planning, structuring, and following up on mobility projects
    • Facilitate the recognition of achievements attained abroad (qualification and validation standards, recognizing nonformal and informal learning in different countries in practice)
    • Improve cooperation between the stakeholders involved, such as vocational schools and companies

It is not our intention to fund pure mobility projects.

It is possible to obtain complementary funding for existing initiatives (e.g. Erasmus+) provided that the projects concerned complement each other and there is no question of duplicate funding.

Contact and Advice on Behalf of the Foundation

Tanja Kreetz
There are two stages to the application process:
  1. Institutions interested in the program should first submit a statement of interest with a brief outline of their project (no more than half a page of A4). These statements can be submitted at any time and must reach the foundation no later than three months before the project start date. The Robert Bosch Stiftung will decide whether to shortlist the project within 14 days.
  2. The organizations behind the shortlisted projects will then be invited to submit an application in which they describe their project in detail (project description and a detailed cost and financing plan). Please complete the form carefully and enclose any other necessary documents (proof of charitable status, extract from the register of charities, etc.). We will only be able to consider complete applications.

    Generally speaking, you should allow six weeks for the application to be considered (including a subsequent grant-awarding process if successful). Please note these timescales when planning your application.

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Please send your statement of interest and application to Tanja Kreetz.

Contact and Advice on Behalf of the Foundation

Tanja Kreetz
If you have any questions, Ms. Tanja Kreetz will be happy to help you by phone or e-mail. She will be on hand to provide advice by telephone on Mondays between 10 and 11 a.m. Alternatively, you can make an appointment outside of these hours.

Simply send an e-mail (subject line: "Telephone assistance") with information about your query:
  1. Questions about the program
  2. Questions/request for advice in relation to your specific project
  3. Questions about the application process
  4. Arranging an appointment for advice outside of the weekly office hours
  5. Your contact details

Please send an e-mail to Ms. Kreetz, she will then get back to you.

Contact and Advice on Behalf of the Foundation

Tanja Kreetz