Girls' Campus
Girls' Campus: Robert Bosch Schülerinnenakademie promotes science and technology

In this program, we aim to make girls aware of the fascinating world of science and technology and inform them about university studies and careers in science and engineering. The program is organized against the background of foreseeable personnel shortages in science and engineering in the future. Far too few young people and especially young women choose to study these subjects at university. To counteract this trend, we want to help girls discover their interest in science and technology at an early age.

The program is run in cooperation with the Robert Bosch GmbH. It is scheduled to run for one year and addresses girls in the 9th grade in grammar schools in the greater Stuttgart area. Applications are open to girls with an interest in science and technology. The program includes extracurricular seminars, which introduce approximately 35 girls to the intriguing world of science and technology. The seminar program covers science and technology topics like robotics research, mechatronics, and solar technology. The participants will conduct their own experiments, perform research, and do presentation exercises to increase their self-assurance and confidence in their abilities.


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