Building Literary Bridges
International Cultural Exchange

Building Literary Bridges

Program for literary translators

The program targets professional literary translators from Central and Southeastern European countries, member states of the CIS, China as well as Germany, Switzerland, and Austria who translate from and into German. We are looking for translators who are not only masters of their art but see themselves as mediators between two cultures. As national literatures are becoming increasingly international, translations of foreign-language texts are considered an enrichment of one's own language and culture. Despite this development, translators often remain in the shadow of the authors and texts and work under difficult economic conditions.

In cooperation with different institutions dealing with translations, the foundation offers grant opportunities ranging from workshops and trainings to scholarships, events, and publications. We place particular importance on exchange and networking between translators, helping translators gain a foothold in the current literary scene, and improving the public perception of the art of translation as well as the translators' commitment to their work.

In this context, we fund projects that support translators, promote international exchange and the transfer of knowledge amongst translators, or events or publications that enhance the public image of translating.
Hieronymustag 2017 - Gläserne Übersetzer weltweit
Über Kreuz: Werkstatt für Lektoren und Übersetzer
International Translator's Forum

ViceVersa - Bilingual Workshops


„Kein Kinderspiel“ - workshop for translators of German literature for young readers

Work Scholarships for Translators